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Dear interventional radiologists,



Interventional radiology is one of the fastest developing clinical specialties. Continuing education of interventional radiologists is an ongoing process of improving the knowledge and skills as well as keeping up with technological innovations of materials, equipment and interventional procedures that make an integral part of this process.


It should be a continuous process of improving the quality of our work in order to provide our patients with the most adequate treatment. Another important aspect of our work is proving to other clinical specialties that we are worthy of their trust. This is the reason why it is so important to maintain the proven quality of our work and keep the earned trust of other clinical specialties as well as to establish new foundations and milestones for advancing our interdisciplinary cooperation.



Educating younger radiologists about the advantages and challenges of interventional radiology is our daily obligation. However, it is not just an obligation of interventional radiologists but of other radiologists who take part in training radiology residents as well. This is especially important because of the consequences brought by the fast development of our specialty, its attractiveness and advantages, which are also recognized by other medical specialties. If we want to continue the path set by our teachers we must attempt to arouse interest in our area of practice in younger colleagues in the same way our predecessor did with us.



Unfortunately, the role of an interventional radiologist is often a thankless one. We face obstacles and financial limitations to which the administration and society are often unresponsive. Due to that, on a daily basis, we put in incredible efforts which are often beyond our means. For this reason it is essential to intensify our mutual cooperation in order to raise awareness of the challenges of our specialty and consequently improve our position.


Yours truly



prof. Vinko Vidjak, Ph.D., M.D.
Chairman of sIRcro
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